Our Mission


The mission of the CSB/SJU Marketing Club is to educate CSB/SJU students about all areas of marketing, enabling them to gain real world experience in the business world. We strive to be one of the top Marketing Clubs in the country by providing numerous marketing and business resources to all club members as well as the CSB/SJU student body. We hold various events throughout the academic school year that are both fun for people to participate in, while also being a great opportunity for our club members to translate their extensive classroom knowledge into real world experience.

We work hard to provide our club members and other students with the resources and connections necessary to get their professional career off and running. We hope that the determination and dedication that we put in throughout the year allows our members and CSB/SJU students to explore all facets of not only just the marketing world, but also the business world as a whole, which in turn enables them to get a job in any part of business that they would like.


To become a member of the CSB/SJU Marketing Club, please see our “Membership” page.

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